Scan Outlook PST File

  • Award winning Scan PST software to repair corrupt or damaged PST file
  • Repairs corrupt Outlook PST file after ScanPST tool fails and brings back lost emails, email contacts and other Outlook attributes data.
  • Non-destructive read-only software which keeps original PST file intact at repair
  • Designed with simple user interface which requires no technical expertise to scan Outlook PST file in Outlook 2003, 2000, 2007, 2010 and repair corrupted PST files in easy, safe and reliable way.
  • Scan damaged PST file in Microsoft Windows 7, Vista and XP

Are you thinking about how to fix corrupted PST file? It is pretty simple. You can fix damaged PST file using default inbox repair tool provided by Microsoft along with Outlook installation package. If you are unable to fix it using scanpst.exe, then third party Outlook PST repair software will help you to scan PST file and get your job done in a perfect way. One such efficient PST repair tool, which is capable of fixing severely corrupted PST file and recovering lost Outlook data, is Scan PST tool.

Why Scan PST Tool?

Scan PST is read-only PST repair software, which will never harm original file at repair. It is recommended as one of the best Outlook PST repair tool by industry experts. Following are some of the testimonials and reviews that Repair Outlook (PST) received from its end users and recovery experts. Visit here to read more.


Have a look at the scenarios in which Scan PST helps to resolve PST problems:

  • Oversized PST file: We all know that the size of PST file is limited. Whenever the amount of data stored in PST file exceeds the limited size, it tends to get corrupt. Corruption of PST file freezes the Outlook access, which ultimately leads to loss of emails and other Outlook attributes data. Here you can scan PST file and get back all lost information from it.
  • Virus Infection: Virus infection or application malfunctioning is quite common in Windows based computers. In case if PST file gets infect with some virus or if it encounters any malware action, chances of PST file corruption are pretty more.
  • Accessing over network: Outlook needs continuous access to PST file to perform information related task. Since network environment does not support continuous access of PST file, chances of PST file corruption are more, whenever users access PST file over network or through remote storage device.
  • Outlook migration: While transferring PST file between different versions of Outlook or operating system, if the PST files experience minor errors, PST file tends to get corrupt as it is complex database file.
  • PST file header corruption: The inaccessibility of PST file can be header corruption also. The header of a PST file can be corrupt or damaged due to various reasons like accidental system shut down due to power failure when the PST file is in use, virus infection etc.
  • Improper Outlook termination: There are times in which Outlook terminates abnormally due to power failure or abrupt computer reboot. In case if Outlook was performing some information related task when it terminates abnormally, then it tends to get corrupt.
  • Accidentally deleted email recovery: In certain instances, users unknowingly delete some important emails. Luckily one can easily restore deleted emails from Deleted Items Folder in Outlook. In case if the deleted email is not listed in Deleted Items Folder or the contents of that folder are cleared, then it leads to loss of essential emails. In such situations, Scan PST helps to scan Outlook PST file and retrieve deleted emails from your Outlook profile. You can also visit this when your PST is not responding


Whenever PST file get corrupt, Outlook freezes its access and throws different error messages when user try to open Outlook. As soon as you notice PST file corruption, you can try to repair it with default inbox repair tool that comes along with Outlook application i.e. scanpst.exe. Since it is not a powerful Outlook PST repair tool, it may not be able to repair PST file in all the cases and also it will not recover any lost data from damaged PST after repair. In order to repair or scan PST file successfully and recover lost emails and other Outlook attributes data, switch to third party PST repair tool like Scan PST.

Scan PST is an advanced Outlook PST repair software which is specially designed to work on Windows based computers to repair corrupt PST file and recover lost Outlook data like emails, email contacts, etc. It will simply fix scan PST error 1056749164 in Microsoft Outlook or any other error message that is causing Outlook to freeze. Since it treats damaged PST file as read only at repair, it is more secure to use this application. This software just scans the corrupted PST file, extracts the stored information and creates new healthy PST file with the help of extracted data. Newly created PST file can be easily imported to your profile without any modifications. This software provides an easy way to scan broken PST file of Office 2007, 2010, 2003, and 2000. Get more info about Outlook 2003 by clicking here.

If you are Outlook 2007 user and can't open the your PST file or you suspect that your PST file is corrupted beyond repair by built-in inbox repair tool provided by Microsoft, then make use of third party application called scan PST tool to fix the issue. Usually PST files of Outlook 2007 gets corrupted due to installation of faulty add-ins, virus attack, Outlook up-gradation failure, faults in data storage device. In such critical situations our scan PST tool work as an magical and scan Outlook PST file completely no matter what the level of corruption is by fixing it in just couple of minutes. It deals with high magnitude of damage and deals with any sort of corruption issues.

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How to scan corrupted PST file in MS Outlook 2003?

At first download and install the demo version of Scan PST (PST). Once you are done with software installation, perform the following steps to repair corrupted PST file.

Note: Demo version of the software lets you to repair PST file and preview the rescued Outlook data, but in order to save the repaired PST file, it needs to purchase the software.

Step 1. Launch the installed Scan PST software. Select the path of PST file by using Browse button. If you are not sure about the location of PST file, search for it using Find option as shown in figure below.

Scan PST - Find PST file

Step 2. Later select the preferred scan method. Upon selecting scan method, set the destination path to save new PST file. Now click on Repair button to proceed.

How to Scan and Repair PST File? - Repair PST file

Step 3. Once the repair process is finished, you will get list of recovered items. Evaluate the recovery results using preview option. If you are happy with the results, buy the full version of the software to save repaired file with recovered data.

Now, lets us thank the software for its wonderful job. With its assistance you have successfully repaired your corrupted PST file and recovered lost data. Since losing important emails and other Outlook data might results in critical problem, always take regular backup of your PST file. Whenever you notice corruption of PST file and loss of Outlook data, it can be restored with its backup copy.

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