Software to scan corrupted PST files of MS Office Outlook 2003

Most of the Microsoft Outlook users over the globe are facing problem of corrupted PST file. However, answer to this question: "How to scan corrupted PST file in MS Outlook 2003?" is not so complicated. All you need to do is to download and install Scan PST software on your laptop or desktop computer and use it to scan damaged PST file in Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP. Get more tips on Windows 7 at

While using MS Office Outlook 2003 you may encounter a situation like, "PST file is corrupt. Run Scanpst.exe". Scanpst.exe or inbox repair tool of MS Outlook is an inbuilt tool that repairs corrupted PST files. However, it might fail to mend severely corrupt PST files. In such a case, you have to make use of professional software to scan damaged PST file of Office 2007, 2010 or any other version of MS Office Outlook.

In most cases, PST file gets corrupted due to abrupt truncation of Outlook application during the "Send/Receive" process. Oversizing of PST file is also a problem that was very common in earlier versions of Microsoft Outlook. There are even other reasons for PST file corruption. Compacting of PST file is one of them. When you try to compact data of your Outlook profile, in order to save disk space, there might be chances that email headers gets damage resulting in corrupted PST file. Making a zip archive of PST file during data backup or sharing it over a network path can also damage PST file. Because of this corruption or damage, you may loose your important emails and other data also. So, by using PST email recovery software, you can retrieve lost emails from corrupted PST file with ease.

While working on MS Office Outlook 2003 or while opening the application, you may encounter sudden messages like-

  • Cannot find .pst file
  • Unknown Error 0x80040600
  • Outlook.pst has reached its maximum size
  • Scanpst error 1056749164

All these messages are the signs of PST file corruption. You can easily fix scan PST error 1056749164 in Outlook or even other issues using professional software's available on internet. One such advanced software is Scan PST.

Sometimes, due to power surge or operating system crash, Outlook terminates abnormally without saving any data. In such cases, PST file corruption may occur which, freezes the access of Outlook 2003 and leads to critical data loss. At this point of time, instead of distressing about corrupted PST file, it is better to use this application and bring back lost folders of Outlook 2003 PST file. With the help of this application you can also mend corrupted PST file of Outlook 2010 at your fingertips.

Scan PST is a read only tool that does not affect the corrupted PST file at repair. It only reads from the corrupt PST file, extract all emails, contacts, notes, calendar items, journals, tasks, appointments, etc, and later make a new healthy PST file with the extracted data. So even if this software fails to repair your corrupted PST file, you still have the original corrupt PST file in the same condition, which you can repair using other utilities. However, you will not face such an issue. It is far more advanced when compared to built in inbox repair tool of Microsoft Outlook. This inbox repair tool has limited functionalities in repairing the PST files. It cannot fix highly corrupted PST files and throws unexpected error messages upon executing on severely corrupted PST file. In such cases make use of Scan PST tool to fix  scanpst unexpected error on popular Outlook versions. It is proficient in fixing highly encrypted and password protected PST files without altering the password code. Just go ahead and download this industry recommended tool to scan PST in Microsoft Outlook 2003, Outlook 2000, Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 versions on Windows PC in just few steps.

Steps to scan and repair corrupt Outlook PST files:

Step 1: Open the application to see three options on the main screen. These are "Open PST File", "Find PST File", and "Select Outlook Profile". You can select any option as shown in Figure A

How to Scan Corrupted PST File in MS Outlook 2003 - Select Any Option

Figure A: Select Any Option

Step 2: Select the corrupted PST file and click on "Next" button as shown in Figure B

How to Scan Corrupted PST File in MS Outlook 2003 - Select Corrupted PST File

Figure B: Select Corrupted PST File

Step 3: Browse the destination folder for saving the repaired PST file. Now choose one of the scanning method and press "Repair" button to start the repair process as shown in Figure C

How to Scan Corrupted PST File in MS Outlook 2003 - Select Destination Folder

Figure C: Select Destination Folder

Step 4: Preview the recovered emails and other data attributes in Outlook style browser as shown in Figure D

How to Scan Corrupted PST File in MS Outlook 2003 - Preview Recovered Emails

Figure D: Preview Recovered Emails

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