Photoshop PSD File Repair Tool

  • Has Simple Graphical User Interface
  • Repairs PSD file in safe & secure way
  • Compatible on both Windows and Mac
  • Allows to preview repaired PSD files before saving
  • Free demo version to evaluate efficiency of the tool

“Please, share some of your time towards this problem. As a graphic designer, I used to store several unfinished PSD designs on the D Drive of my computer. Last day, I deleted some of such files quite accidentally while categorizing them. With enormous anxiety, I searched in internet for a recovery tool. I just downloaded a free tool and started file recovery. I became so delighted after seeing the recovered PSD files. In a rush, I tried to open those recovered files using my Adobe Photoshop CS. Alas! it showed an error message like this

There was a problem reading the layer data. Read the composite data instead?

I didn’t feel like it was a severe issue. So, I clicked the read composite data button. I thought that my file will be opened then. But I had to encounter another error just like the following

Could not open buslog.psd because the file is not compatible with this version of Photoshop.

I became more frustrated after seeing this. I could only blame the moment when I tried that free recovery program. Frankly saying, now I don’t know any way to repair PSD file thus corrupted. I am not ready to try any unreliable PSD repair tools to fix my corrupted Photoshop files. I think, someone of you may have gone through a similar situation like which I am facing now. If you know, please tell me how to perform Photoshop PSD repair using any trustable tool? “

Are you worrying about corruption of damage of your Photoshop document files (PSD) created on different versions of Adobe Photoshop application? Well, you can easily overcome this kinds of situations by utilizing powerful Photoshop PSD repair programs. A notable tool which come under this category is PSD Repair utility. This software is specially designed to repair Photoshop files created using various Photoshop versions from Photoshop 5.5 up to Photoshop CS6. Anyhow, before analyzing more on this tool, you have to gone through various situations that can bring damage to your Photoshop files.  

All the people who are using Photoshop, please listen for a while. Even though, your system is optimally protected against malwares or similar infiltrations, your Photoshop PSD files can get damaged due to several reasons. Many of such reasons are not produced by your fault. 

Some Causes for Corruption of your PSD Files

  • Abrupt Termination of Photoshop Application: If you are improperly closing your Adobe Photoshop application, it can corrupt the PSD files being processed on it. Lack of sufficient memory to work is a common reasons for the crash of Photoshop at many times. If the application is conflicting with another program for a shared resource, it can lead to this error. Sudden system shutdown or restating can also result in abrupt Photoshop termination and hence PSD corruption.
  • Incomplete Download: Suppose you want to download a PSD file from a network. If your download process fails, you will get only partial PSD file which will only contain some layer data, remaining will be lost. Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) error will be one of the common results of this kind of an improper download. Before using on your Photoshop application, you have to fix PSD file irrespective of its corruption severity.   
  • Photoshop Upgrade Issues: Suppose your Photoshop upgrade fails due to any reason. It is still a vital reason for PSD corruption. This corruption may be determined by a sudden power outage or forced termination of upgraded. It also matters if some .dll files get lost while installing Photoshop for the first time.
  • Other Reasons: As mentioned in the starting of this page, recovery of deleted Photoshop files can bring PSD corruption if you are using unreliable tools for such a recovery. You have to go for Photoshop PSD repair if your PSD files are infected by malwares of similar programs. There are certain third party tools which are capable of manipulating contents inside a PSD file. This can also lead to PSD corruption.     

Significance of PSD Repair Tool in Repairing Photoshop Files

  • This Photoshop PSD Repair tool is capable of fixing corrupt or damaged PSD files along with its different layers. It is possible to fix large sized PSD files effectively using this tool.
  • You can repair Photoshop files along with its color mode. It supports different color modes like Bitmap, Lab Color, CYMK, Multichannel, Indexed, RGB, Gray-scale, Duotone, and many more.
  • Want to repair RLE compressed PSD files? Don’t worry, with the help of this tool, this task is quite simple and straightforward. The recovered data can be previewed before purchasing the full version of this tool.
  • PSD Repair tool is completely a read only tool which will not alter the contents of the source file. Instead, it simply extracts its data, repairs it and save to a new file.
  • This tool can also use to repair corrupted PDD files created on Adobe PhotoDeluxe program.
  • You can repair Photoshop PSD files on different versions of Windows and Mac computes. This tool even supports Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite and Windows 10
  • This tool follows a four step repair process to fix Photoshop files. If you got stuck at any process of PSD repair, you will get help from technical support team without any additional cost.
  • PSD Repair tool will not allow you to store repaired file on the same drive or partition. You can store it on other partitions or peripheral drives

Precautions to Avoid PSD Corruption

  • In future, you can follow this tips in order to prevent damage of your precious PSD files.
  • Always backup your important PSD files on different storage devices
  • Use an antivirus software for checking malware presence and update it in regular intervals
  • If you are using a new version of Adobe Photoshop, make sure that you have sufficient RAM on your machine to support it.
  • Disable unwanted processes while working on Photoshop.
  • If the PSD files got accidentally deleted from your machine, use of genuine recovery tool to get them back.
  • Use a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) to get rid of sudden system shut down.

Note: If you want to repair corrupt or damaged PST (.pst) files on your Windows computer, you can make use of Scan PST software. This tool effectively scans and repairs damaged PST files created on different versions of Microsoft Outlook program. 

How to Repair a Damaged PSD File?

Step 1: Download demo version of PSD Repair utility on your Windows or Mac computer. Launch the installed tool and browse for the PSD file which has to be repaired. Then click "Repair" button.

Photoshop PSD Repair- Home Screen

Step 2: Scanning process will now starts to repair your PSD file.

Repair PSD File- Repair Process

Step 3: Once the repair process is finished, you can see a list of repaired files. You can preview each one of them and can save them after purchasing the full version of this software.

PSD Repair Tool- Repaired Files

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