Scan PST Repair

Looking for a software to repair corrupted PST? Then here is one that can scan and fix PST file at the same time. PST is an attribute of MS Outlook that is created on local computer of user to store user data. MS office is email client that is used for communication between the corporate or individuals. There are many causes for PST corruption that may lead to the loss of vital data like emails, contacts, tasks, calendar etc. from your PST file. But no worries scan PST software can solve this kind of problem in few mouse clicks and performs a deep scan and mend broken PST file in Outlook 2003.

PST is an official name given to personal storage table file in Outlook. Using which you can check your online emails being offline and you can even work online when it is connected to internet server. After also these advantages PST file comes with some limitations and downsides too. Limitation is that it comes with a fixed storage space, exceeding which PST file may get corrupted. Microsoft Outlook provides an inbuilt repair tool called Scanpst.exe tool that can revamp corrupted PST in some cases. If your PST is badly damaged or corrupted then you need a specialist to scan corrupted PST and repair it, that to without modifying the original PST file. Scan PST tool does the same thing by scanning and repairing corrupted PST and therefore it can be used for bringing back lost emails, contacts, journal, task and other PST data at your fingertips.

Some common reasons behind PST corruption:

Exceeding limit size: PST file comes with limit for storing data. So when it crosses the standard limit it may get corrupt and make your data inaccessible for you.

Sudden system Turn off: Suppose you are working on your Outlook and due to some internal system interrupt your system gets turn off which may result in PST corruption.

Abrupt Outlook termination: Due to power surge your Outlook might get terminated in improper way and after which it may start showing error, when you attempt to open.

Corruption due to virus: There are high chances that when you download any attachments to your PST it may contain unsecured data items like virus/ malware/ spyware. Which may corrupt your PST file and make you lose all your vital data.

Whatever may be the reason behind PST file corruption scan PST tool will scan and repair your corrupted PST file. It is designed by the team of skilled professionals and built with strongest of algorithm that can scan broken PST file of MS Office 2007 and other higher versions of Microsoft Office. Scan PST has easy to use interface due to which a normal computer user can also scan corrupted PST file in Microsoft Windows 7, XP, and Vista on their own. Scan PST can also scan and repair damaged PST file on Microsoft Windows Server 2003, and Microsoft Windows Server 2008. Just download the trail version of the application and if your happy with its performance the download the legal version from the same site. Remember that save option is only active in legal version. You can also log on to for further queries

Simple steps to Scan and Repair PST file:

Step 1: Download and Install the Scan PST utility. Launch the software main window will pop up. Choose any option from "Open PST File", "Find PST File", and "Select Outlook Profile" as shown in Fig 1

Scan PST Repair - Main Window

Fig 1: Main Window.

Step 2: Find the damaged PST file and then selected click "Next" as shown in Fig 2

Scan PST Repair - Find PST File

Fig 2: Find PST File.

Step 3: Select suitable scanning method and then destination path for saving the new PST file. Finally select "Repair" to start the repairing process as shown in Fig 3

Scan PST Repair - Select Scanning Method

Fig 3: Select Scanning Method.

Step 4: Finally it displays recover data from corrupted PST file. Click preview button to preview data as shown in Fig 4

Scan PST Repair - Preview of PST File Data

Fig 4: Preview of PST File Data.

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